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We have had the pleasure and privilege of helping those who
have been wrongly accused of crimes they didn’t commit
and helping them resume their lives back to normal.

Federal Cyber Crime No Charges Brought

The Situation

A 70 year old Indian-American scientist was fired after his company accused him of stealing trade secrets. The FBI Then executed a search warrant on his home. Once we got involved, we were able to get the government to drop the case and return all the items seized by the FBI.

The Result

After a year of fear and confusion, the government returned his passport just in time to travel to India and celebrate the birth of his first grandchild.

Fortune 500 Fraud Investigation No Criminal Charges Filed

The Situation

An executive at a Fortune 500 company had engaged in internal fraud.

The Result

Working with our team of forensic accountants, we guided our client in how to deal with internal auditors. We negotiated a severance package, and no criminal charges.

Filing False Tax Returns Not Guilty

The Situation

Our client was tried and wrongfully convicted due to the testimony of a lying government witness. We fought to get him a new trial and succeeded when the federal District Court judge presiding over the case agreed with our view that the verdict was a “manifest injustice.” The government then appealed the judge’s decision granting a new trial to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. We defended our client in the appellate court and won there too.

The Result

Yet, despite our victories before the District Court and in the Second Circuit, the IRS kept going after our innocent client. Statistically, the IRS wins 99.75% of all cases they bring so they decided to try him again. We were there again to fight for him. After three weeks of trial, the jury deliberated less than 2 hours and cleared our client of all charges. Though statistically, we only had a .25% chance of winning, we prevailed and our client finally got the justice he deserved. A 6-year long ordeal for our client finally ended when a federal jury found him Not Guilty of All Charges.

Title IX Disciplinary Proceeding Student Allowed to Graduate

The Situation

A senior attending an Ivy League university faced expulsion in a school disciplinary proceeding, resulting from an open criminal case involving an allegation of domestic violence.

The Result

We represented our client before the school’s Title IX attorneys, despite their attempts to deprive him of all due process. We persuaded the university administrators to allow our client to take his final exams and graduate on time.

Federal Money Laundering Case Sentence of Time Served

The Situation

A U.S. citizen abroad in Brazil was charged with money laundering. Our client suffered through deplorable Brazilian prison conditions before we were retained as his attorneys. Once we took over his case, we pushed to have him returned to the U.S., where we could advocate for a fair result.

The Result

After successfully negotiating a plea and securing our client’s extradition from horrible Brazilian prisons, we persuaded the judge—known for her harsh sentences—to impose a sentence of time served. The very same day our client was sentenced, he was reunited with his wife and family, just in time for the New Year.

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Sexual Abuse Case Successful Appeal

Federal Narcotics Charges Case Dismissal

Internet Pornography Crime Charge Sentence Drastically Reduced

Civil Forfeiture Case Dismissed and Money Returned

Civil Asset Forfeiture Settlement without Admission of Wrongdoing

Foreign National Shoplifting Case Case Dismissed and Allowed to Return Home

Medicaid Fraud Case Charges Reduced to Misdemeanor with No Jail Time

Attempted Murder Jury Acquittal

Aggravated Harassment Case 14 Year Old Charges Dismissed

Corrected Illegal Sentence Years Taken Off Post-Release Supervision

Narcotics Case Sentence Drastically Reduced

Felony Sexual Assault Case Case Dismissed

Driving While Intoxicated Jury Acquittal

Family Offense Proceeding Case Dismissed

Out of State Warrant Successful Release

Juvenile Rape Charge Case Dismissed and Record Cleared

Attempted Murder Case Dismissed

Driving While Intoxicated Non-Criminal Plea Deal

Aggravated Harassment Case Dismissed

Open Warrant Vacated and Arrest Prevented

Felony for False Filing Case Dismissed

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Time is not on your side.

The sooner you seek legal advice from our skilled attorneys, the sooner we can put together a case that offers the very best chance of a positive outcome.