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Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is facing new federal charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy. Watch Vinoo on CBSN break down the indictment.

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Vinoo would have advised Lori Loughlin to not take the plea deal too! Watch him break down the latest news from the College Admissions Scandal on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and Brynn Gingras.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft will not accept a plea deal offered in the massage spa prostitution case. Will his risky move pay off? Watch Vinoo break down the case on HLN.

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It’s outrageous that community service and $10,000 is all Jussie Smollett had to pay for the harm he caused to the criminal justice system! Vinoo rails against the prosecutors in the Smollett case on Fox Business with host Elizabeth MacDonald.

Women are sending serial killer Chris Watts love letters! Watch Vinoo discuss the latest updates in the Watts family murder case—on HLN with host Mike Galanos.

House Democrats demand documents from 81 Trump associates. Are they stepping on Mueller’s shoes? On MSNBC with Glenn Kirschner, A. B. Stoddard and host Kendis Gibson.