Securities Fraud Lawyer

Securities Fraud Lawyer

When you face securities fraud allegations, you face a long road ahead of stress and uncertainty. Securities fraud is a serious offense that can have severe legal and financial consequences. That’s why it’s crucial to seek the help of a skilled securities fraud lawyer who can guide you through the complex legal process and fight for your rights. At Varghese & Associates, P.C., our Firm was involved with the largest insider trading case in American history and is continuously featured in major news outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the New York Law Journal due to our success.

What Is Securities Fraud?

Securities fraud, also known as investment fraud, is the illegal practice of manipulating stock prices or misleading investors to make financial gains. This crime can happen accidentally, and whether you committed the crime or not, our Firm will aggressively fight and advocate for your rights and utilize legal tools to build a strong defense in your case. The following are examples:

  • False or misleading statements about a company’s financial stance or investment opportunities
  • Participating in insider trading
  • Artificially changing the price of securities
  • Using funds from new investors to pay returns to earlier investors, also known as a Ponzi scheme
  • Unauthorized trading, or excessive trading of securities in a client’s account to generate commissions

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plays a key role in investigating and prosecuting cases of securities fraud. Penalties for securities fraud can include fines, imprisonment, and civil lawsuits. So, how can you protect yourself?

Protect Yourself with a Securities Fraud Defense Lawyer

Securities Fraud Lawyer

When facing securities fraud allegations, it’s essential to have a skilled securities fraud defense lawyer on your side. A knowledgeable attorney can help protect your rights, provide legal guidance, and build a strong defense strategy to fight the charges against you. Here are some ways a securities fraud lawyer from Varghese & Associates, P.C. can help:

Years of Experience

As the principal attorney of Varghese & Associates, P.C., Vinoo Varghese has had years of experience defending against bullies. He defends clients with vigor to get their lives back on track. As a member of The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 List for the past nine consecutive years, he is no stranger to recognition for his exceptional legal skills and dedication to his clients.

Knowledge of Securities Laws

Securities laws are complex and constantly evolving. At our Firm, we have a deep understanding of these laws and how they apply to your case. We’ll help you navigate the legal system, advise you on your rights, and build a defense strategy tailored to your specific situation.

Meticulous Investigation

We’ll review financial records, communication records, and other relevant evidence to build a strong defense strategy for you to get your life back.

Protect Your Rights

No matter the circumstances, you have the right to a fair trial. We’ll be your advocate to ensure your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

History of Success

One of the key benefits of working with a securities fraud lawyer is their years of experience in defending clients against allegations of investment fraud. At Varghese & Associates, P.C., we have a proven track record of success in defending clients facing securities fraud charges.

If you’re facing securities fraud allegations, don’t wait to seek legal representation. Contact Varghese & Associates, P.C. today to schedule a consultation with a skilled securities fraud attorney who will fight for your rights and help you navigate the legal process. With our experience, knowledge, and dedication to our clients, we will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Don’t face securities fraud allegations alone – let us help you protect your future.

Penalties for Securities Fraud

Securities fraud is a serious offense that can result in severe legal consequences, including criminal and civil penalties. The penalties for securities fraud vary depending on the nature and severity of the offense, as well as the laws and regulations governing securities transactions. Here are some potential penalties individuals or entities may face for securities fraud:

Criminal Penalties

Individuals convicted of securities fraud may face significant criminal penalties, including imprisonment, fines, and probation. The length of imprisonment and the amount of fines imposed can vary depending on factors such as the amount of money involved in the fraud, the defendant’s criminal history, and the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.


Those convicted of securities fraud may be sentenced to serve time in federal or state prison. The length of imprisonment can range from several months to several years, or even decades for more egregious cases of fraud.


Securities fraud defendants may be required to pay substantial fines as part of their criminal sentence. These fines can amount to millions of dollars, depending on the financial harm caused by the fraud and other aggravating factors.


Courts may order defendants convicted of securities fraud to pay restitution to victims to compensate them for their financial losses. Restitution orders typically require defendants to repay the amount of money they obtained through the fraudulent scheme.


In some cases, individuals convicted of securities fraud may be sentenced to probation instead of or in addition to imprisonment. During the probationary period, defendants must comply with certain conditions set by the court, such as regular reporting to a probation officer and refraining from engaging in further criminal activity.

Civil Penalties

In addition to criminal penalties, individuals or entities found liable for securities fraud may face civil penalties in lawsuits brought by government agencies or private plaintiffs. Civil penalties can include monetary fines, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, and injunctive relief to prevent future violations of securities laws.

Professional Consequences

Securities fraud convictions can have long-lasting professional consequences, including the loss of professional licenses or certifications, damage to one’s reputation, and difficulty securing employment in the financial industry.

This is where working with Varghese & Associates, P.C. can be a turning point in your case. Our legal team is dedicated to defending individuals and entities facing securities fraud charges.

Varghese & Associates, P.C. – Your Advocates and Defenders

At Varghese & Associates, P.C., we are committed to serving as your advocates and defenders in securities fraud cases. Facing a securities fraud allegation in New York is intimidating, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our New York criminal defense lawyers will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. Contact us today for a case consultation.