5.0/5.0 Peer Reviews (see all)

"Vinoo is an exceptional attorney who will deliver results for his clients. He is a tenacious litigator that does not back down in the face of adversity. You want Vinoo on your side. Vinoo has extraordinary legal ability and completely dominates the courtroom with his presence. Vinoo is a top tier attorney that goes above and beyond for his clients. Vinoo is the attorney you want defending you."

"Vinoo is a tireless advocate for his clients. I have witnessed this firsthand. He has both the practical sensibility and intellect that helps him excel in his field. Vinoo is the first call I make when a criminal matter arises. He is also ultra-responsive."

"Vinoo is a seasoned, top notch criminal defense attorney who handles both routine criminal matters and sophisticated white collar matters. . A former Brooklyn assistant district attorney, Vinoo is highly skilled, understands how to navigate the court system, and is a zealous advocate for his clients. He has handled many high profile matters that are the subject of major press pieces."

"I have personally had an opportunity to witness Mr. Varghese's litigation skills in courtroom and can speak of his qualities from first-hand knowledge. Mr. Varghese has proven to be a stupendous advocate for his client's rights, diligent and reliable, applies his considerable intelligence effectively, and his work ethic is second to none. In consequence, Mr. Varghese is highly regarded by his peers."

"Vinoo is simply an outstanding attorney who zealously represents his clients for their best interests based on highest ethical standards. He has both keen intellect and tenacity which are common traits of great litigator, especially in white collar crimes. Vinoo is my go to guy for any criminal matter, especially the most complex and challenging cases. Vinoo is highly respected and admired in criminal bar in NY among his peers. Any client would be lucky to have Vinoo as his/her counsel."

"Vinoo is an outstanding lawyer, who is devoted to securing the best results for his clients. He is a bulldog as an advocate and simultaneously creative and relentless both in negotiations and in the courtroom."

"Vinoo is an excellent advocate who goes the distance for his clients and is respected by prosecutors and judges."