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i24 News: Trump Brands Himself a Nationalist

Is Trump’s Nationalism a code word for Fascism? On i24 News with host David Shuster, debating with Republican strategist Chris Prudhome.

i24 News: Kavanaugh & FBI Probe; right temperament for the Supreme Court?

On i24News analyzing Kavanaugh & FBI investigation. Will FBI find dirt? Does Kavanaugh deserve a Supreme Court seat? with Wendy Patrick and host Tracy Alexander.

Fox Business News: AM–Republican Strategy for Cross-Examining Kavanaugh Accuser

Vinoo Varghese on Fox Business AM with Lauren Simonetti forecasting Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell’s strategy for cross-examining Christine Blasey Ford during Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing.

CBS News: Judge Kavanaugh’s Third Accuser Comes Forward

Vinoo Varghese on CBSN with Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green breaking down Kavanaugh’s third accuser, Swetnick, represented by Avenatti.

Fox News Channel: Cosby’s Sentencing And Potential For Appeal

On Fox News to discuss whether old age is a valid excuse against jail time, why only Constand’s case was tried, and what’s next for Cosby. Is Cosby still on the hunt for new prey? with Harris Faulkner.

Fox Business News: The Right to Challenge an Accuser and Kavanaugh Disproving Negatives

Watch Vinoo on Fox Business discussing the presumption of innocence and Judge Kavanaugh’s right to confront his accusers with Cheryl Casone and Ned Ryun.

i24 News: Manafort’s Plea Deal and Implications for Trump

Vinoo Varghese is on i24 with host Calev Ben David to discuss Manafort’s obligations to his plea deal, the potential for a pardon, and what this plea deal means for Trump. Are Trump’s walls tumbling down?

i24 News: Social Media Regulation on Capitol Hill

Vinoo Varghese on i24 News with Scott Schober discussing the potential necessity for Social Media Regulation throughout our social media platforms. Was Google ghosting the senate, and what does this mean for the stock market?

Fox Business News: Does a Guilty Plea to Dirty Campaign Money Affect Trump?

Vinoo Varghese on Fox Business with Cheryl Casone talking Michael Cohen’s guilty plea & peril for Trump, Rudy Giuliani’s defense strategy, and if Paul Manafort will flip. Does being the president make Trump above the law?

Fox News Shepard Smith: Cohen’s Plea Agreement, and What It Could Mean for Trump

Vinoo Varghese on Fox News Shepard Smith discussing the implications of Michael Cohen’s plea agreement for both Cohen himself and for President Trump. Is Cohen allowed to use campaign funds? Should Trump be trembling?

Fox Business Kennedy: Trump’s “Flipping” Opinion & What Pecker’s Immunity Means for Trump

Vinoo Varghese on Fox Business’ Kennedy discussing what Pecker’s immunity means for Trump moving forward and what Trump’s “flipping” comment exposes about his knowledge of the legal system. Is Pecker’s immunity slowly pecking away at Trump’s chances of avoiding impeachment?

Ingraham Angle: Cohen Charges & Trump in Trouble

Vinoo Varghese on Fox News Ingraham Angle discussing Cohen’s charges violating campaign finance laws. Is Trump in jeopardy? Can they keep calling the Mueller investigation a witch hunt?

MSNBC Hardball: Troubles in the Manafort Trial & Trump Perjury Trap

Vinoo Varghese on MSNBC Hardball with Steve Kornacki and former congresswomen Elizabeth Holtzman. Discussing the issues in the Manafort trial, and what could be sealed in the Rick Gates interview? Is Trump really in a perjury trap? Should the Mueller Investigation be shut down?

CBSN: Trump Fires Jeff Sessions

Did Trump fire Jeff Sessions, hoping midterms would distract Media Coverage? Will Trump Fire Mueller now? Answering these questions & more on CBSN with Elaine Quijano.

CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin: Is Chris Collins Going Down?

Vinoo Varghese on CNN Newsroom giving an analysis of Representative Chris Collins insider trading case. Do you think they need to drain the swamp. And is Giuliani helping Trump evade the Mueller investigation?