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CBSN: Ted Cruz wants El Chapo to pay for the wall

Ever heard of the E.L.C.H.A.P.O. Act? Ted Cruz wanted El Chapo to pay for Trump’s Wall! Maybe this will end our government shutdown! Watch Vinoo discuss on CBSN with hosts Anne-Marie Green and Nikki Battiste.

The Brooklyn trial of accused Mexican drug cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman wrapped up its sixth week Thursday on an emotional note.

CBSN: Flynn challenges Mueller

Watch Vinoo discuss the implications of Flynn’s claims against Special Counsel Robert Mueller on CBS News with host Tanya Rivero.

CBSN: El Chapo paid head of Ecuadorian army

El Chapo had the Ecuadorean army in his pocket too! Watch Vinoo discuss the latest news on El Chapo’s Trial on CBSN with hosts Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green.

Cohen sentenced to three years, what’s next?

Will Michael Cohen be able to escape his 3-year jail sentence? FOX News came to our new office right before sentencing to have me weigh-in—with host Laura Ingle.

CBS This Morning: No Jail Time for ex-Baylor student charged with Sex Assault

Judge decides no jail time for ex-Baylor student, Jacob Andersen, who was charged with sexual assault. The Assistant DA stated that this is “the best outcome given the facts of this case”. Watch Vinoo discuss the case on CBS This Morning with hosts Gayle King, Norah O’Donnell, Bianna Golodryga and

El Chapo v. El Chupeta

El Chapo, once a billionaire, is reduced to wearing El Cheapo off-the-rack Kmart suits for his high-profile trial. Is the government right to offer Colombian Kingpin El Chupeta, who murdered 150 and amassed a fortune of over a billion dollars, just 25 years for his cooperation against El Chapo? Watch

Shanann Watts’ Parents Sue Her Killer Husband

Shanann Watts’ parents sue her killer husband for wrongful death. Watch Vinoo discuss the Chris Watts’ trial on HLN with host Mike Galanos and guest Joey Jackson.

CBSN: Flynn has given ‘substantial assistance’ to the special counsel

Watch Vinoo discuss the significance of this memo on CBS News with host DeMarco Morgan.

The murder of 30-year-old resident Karina Vetrano haunted Howard Beach and became a national story. Those hoping for a sense of closure in the form of a verdict on the person eventually apprehended and accused of the crime were not provided any on the night of Nov. 20.

CBSN: El Chapo on Trial

Watch Vinoo on CBSN with hosts Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green to discuss the El Chapo Trial.

MSNBC: Trump v. Justice Roberts

On MSNBC with Kimberly Atkins, Allan Smith, and host Aaron Gilchrist to discuss the implications of Trump’s attack on the Judiciary. Are there “Obama judges” or “Trump judges,” “Bush judges,” or “Clinton judges”?

Manafort Breaches Plea Deal: whats next?

Looks like Manafort thought he could get away with lying to Mueller! What was Manafort hiding? Watch me discuss Manafort breaching his plea deal on CBS News with host Reena Ninan.

Vinoo Varghese, a prominent Manhattan defense attorney who is a former prosecutor, told the Chronicle in an interview on Wednesday that he was surprised by how events unfolded.

i24 News: El Chapo Trial Begins

Might El Chapo be on the loose to attack potential jurors? On i24 News with hosts David Shuster and Tal Heinrich and guest Brad Garrett to analyze potential prosecution and defense issues, the fairness of his judge, and the safety of El Chapo’s transit.