Beat The IRS


Few attorneys can say they beat the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In fact, the IRS wins 99.75% of all cases they bring. But our Manhattan criminal defense attorney, Vinoo Varghese of Varghese & Associates, is among the elite number of attorneys who has succeeded in defending an innocent client against this government agency!

As a firm, we were proud to stand with our client throughout a six-month ordeal that finally ended when a federal jury proclaimed him “not guilty of all charges.”


Our client was initially tried and wrongfully convicted on the dishonest testimony of a government witness. Varghese & Associates fought on behalf of our client and pursued a new trial. We finally achieved success when the federal District Court judge who was presiding in the case agreed with us, calling the verdict a “manifest injustice.” In return, the government filed an appeal of the judge’s decision, granting a new trial to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Our team again fought for our client and won.

In spite of dual victories in the District Court and in the Second Circuit, our client wasn’t through with his ordeal. The IRS continued to pursue this innocent client and moved to try him again last month. And, again, Varghese & Associates was there by his side to fight for him and to defend his innocence in the face of this powerful government agency’s accusations.

We had less than a 0.25% chance of success going into the trial, but we were determined to give the case all we had, believing strongly in our clients’ innocence. Three weeks of trial later, the jury deliberated for just two hours before clearing our client of all the charges against him, declaring him not guilty on all counts!

In this case, we must also extend special thanks to co-counsel Dennis Ring, our resident sage Larry Sharpe, and our forensic accounting expert David Gannaway. Read an article in Law360 about our trial win and priorappellate victory. Our team of New York criminal defense attorneys at Varghese & Associates is proud to stand up for our clients in cases involving all types of criminal charges. We have the resources, determination, ability, and experience to fight—no matter how tough your case!

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