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Cleared in Cybercrime Probe, Innocent Granddad Sees First Grandkid Born

April 23, 2018

  We are thrilled to announce that the Department of Justice’s National Security and Cyber Crime Section has agreed to discontinue their investigation of our client. This welcome news came just in time for the birth of his first grandchild! After a year of our client enduring the constant threat of arrest and being unable to visit his children in India, we convinced the DOJ to drop their investigation altogether. Background 70-year-old Indian-American scientist fired after his company accused him of stealing trade secrets —  the FBI then executed a search warrant on his home Our client, who we shall call “Dr. Patel” is a 70-year-old American, of Indian origin, with heart issues whose family had been begging him to retire for years. At the time of the investigation, Dr. Patel had dedicated over 40 years of his life to science. He is a PhD scientist who has authored over 50 research publications. Dr. Patel loved his work, but wanted to retire with his family and explore more personal projects related to energy, technology, and other humanitarian interests including converting solid waste into electricity. He had planned to return to India where his extended family lived, and where, as a poor child, he studied under street lights at night to gain admission to the the top universities. With only a few months left before his retirement, Dr. Patel was abruptly fired by his employer who accused him of stealing their technology and trying to flee the country with it.  The company primarily did business in China, but had been unprofitable for the past few years.  Dr. Patel, who owned a significant number of the company’s shares, wanted to explore expanding the company’s operations to India.  The company’s CEO disagreed with Dr. Patel’s India expansion idea and then complained to the FBI that he was trying to steal their trade secrets. The FBI subsequently showed up at 6 am on a Friday morning banging on Dr. Patel’s door.  Dr. Patel who was sipping his morning chai with his wife, opened the door and allowed the agents inside.  The FBI questioned our client and his wife while they were in pajamas.  They took all of his personal computers and mobile devices, and those belonging to his wife, who never worked at the company.  The FBI also seized their passports. At this point, Dr. Patel was not only deprived of his personal belongings and restricted from traveling, but he also had to cope with the crippling stress of potential criminal charges for a crime he didn’t commit. Dr. Patel endured several panic attacks over the course of the year due to the anxiety of the investigation. Throughout his entire life, his integrity had never been questioned. Dr. Patel, like other innocent people accused, couldn’t understand why the government or anyone would believe he would commit such a crime. THE CASE AGAINST OUR CLIENT Queen for a Day Fiasco The government did not believe Dr. Patel planned to retire in India. They thought instead that he wanted to set up his own operations in India using the “stolen” trade secret to profit from the technology he, himself, created in the United States. The government believed Dr. Patel saw the […]

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